Build your own decentralized community
Discover innovative communities
Find the most innovative decentralized communities building in the Adept ecosystem.
Connect with digital creators
Gain access to highly skilled digital creators from around the world and join existing communities.
Collaborate with like-minded folk
Find people that share the same passion and interests to collaborate with and help build your product.
Crowdfund your community
Leverage the Adept platform to help crowdfund your project with access to community and member funding.
Earn community tokens
Contribute to the myriads of communities already building and earn tokens for your efforts.
Invest in the ecosystem
Give back and help grow the ecosystem by investing in upcoming projects and communities.
An ecosystem of unique communities
What an Adept community does and how it functions will be ultimately decided by the community itself. There is no fixed role or definition that could potentially limit future growth.
In-app messaging for easy planning
There will be no need to switch around several messaging apps to keep in touch with your connections from various communities for different reasons. Adept's in-app messenger will be the one-stop for all.
Voting system for every step
A powerful on-ledger voting component that will give everyone a say in every decision whether a marketing budget allocation or where to go on the group's next summer vacation.
Crowdfunding for the future
With Adept, the crucial step of funding the next ground-breaking product will be easy, fair, and straight-forward. It will be the fastest way to bring ideas to life, gain traction, or invest in projects that are meaningful to you.
For every type of creator
Nicole Lin
A 26-year old designer from Copenhagen, Denmark
Antonne Lane
A 45-year old videographer from New York, USA
Elsie Shore
A 32-year old fashion designer from Paris, France
Sai Rani
A 22-year old developer from Ontario, Canada
The technology behind our product
Adept will be built on top of Radix, a highly secure and scalable decentralized network. We will provide all the necessary components required to build and manage your community. Below are some of the initial components that Adept will provide to help manage your community. Some of these components will be customisable to allow them to meet the specific needs of each community.
An equity crowd funding component.
A component to manage collectibles.
A component for submitting community proposals.
A component to manage community revenue.

These components are the basic building blocks that drive the Adept ecosystem.

If you’re already familiar with smart contracts components behave in the same manner on the Radix network.

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